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The Department of Career Services Allowed Some of Its Staff Members to Access the Massachusetts One-Stop Employment System Without First Receiving Proper Training.

In response to this finding, the Department of Career Services reports it has made improvements to its employee training for the MOSES system.

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At six One-Stop Career Centers we visited, out of a population of 52 new Massachusetts One-Stop Employment System (MOSES) users who needed access to the database in order to perform their jobs, 36 (69%) did not receive required training before they were given access. Further, 17 of these 36 had still not received this training 30 days after being given access to MOSES.

Department of Career Services (DCS) staff members at One-Stop Career Centers enter a variety of information in MOSES, such as information about attendance, job seeker training, employment status, job openings, or specific job seeker details (e.g., résumés), using self-directed or service-center-assisted services. The lack of training increases the risk that DCS staff members may incorrectly enter information in the database, which could have a negative impact on DCS’s ability to effectively manage its activities, measure its performance, and ensure accurate reporting.

Authoritative Guidance

DCS management told us that during our audit period, the agency’s Performance and IT System Oversight Department had an unwritten policy that required it to arrange for a three-day training session, called MOSES 101, for new users. Although this policy had not been formalized in writing, management indicated to us it was their intent to ensure that all agency staff members had this training before they were given access to MOSES.

Reasons for Issues

DCS did not always have timely training available to new users because of the infrequency of training sessions. There is just one instructor on staff who conducts the training, which is offered only once a month. Therefore, in some instances, management allowed staff members to gain access to MOSES before they had received formal training and relied on peers to train new users until a formal three-day training class could be scheduled.


DCS management should not give staff members access to MOSES before they have received the required training. To this end, DCS should explore options for making the required training more accessible to staff members who need it. For example, it could develop written training manuals, online on-demand training modules, and/or a three-day recorded training session, with a self-test, that it could make available to all staff members before giving them access to the system.

Auditee's Response

DCS appreciated the feedback and recommendations offered by the Auditors regarding MOSES training. We are restructuring the training based on their feedback and that of users at the career centers.


Many career center employees are skilled MOSES users who have been using the system since it launched in July 2000. To eliminate the gap between the time a new hire starts and the availability of the monthly MOSES training from DCS staff, we will develop an introductory training course that career center staff can use to train new employees immediately. Career center staff will be able to train and supervise a new user who will be given limited access to MOSES in order to meet an immediate short-term need, such as customer registration or data entering [for] workshop attendees. The new user will be required to attend the next available training. To facilitate this new training model we are making the following changes:

  • breaking “MOSES 101” training into shorter modules to reduce the 3-day length;
  • developing an introductory module covering the primary components needed by all users that can be delivered by a skilled MOSES user at a career center;
  • training additional staff at DCS and at the career centers to provide on-demand MOSES training to new employees; and
  • exploring on-line training options.


To address the lack of written guidance noted by the auditors, DCS revised its IT policy document, MassWorkforce Issuance 100 DCS 02.101.2, MOSES and Citrix Access Request Process and Required Policy Documents, June 22, 2018, which now specifies “All MOSES users are required to complete MOSES training commensurate with the level of access they require and their job duties.”

Date published: September 26, 2018

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