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Trial Court facilities deep cleaning checklist

A checklist of steps to be taken to deep clean Trial Court facilities.

Table of Contents

Dust and wipe down all surfaces

  • Registers and air returns
  • Light fixtures (clean bugs and dust)
  • Ceilings (dust/vacuum as needed)
  • Walls (dust/wash as needed)
  • Window blinds
  • Fixtures/furnishings


  • Clean interior of all windows
  • Clean all internal glass (partitions/counters)


  • Edge vacuum all carpeted areas
  • Inspect all carpets and shampoo wherever there are stains or wear patterns

Hard floors

  • Sweep and wash all hard surface floors
  • Scrub and/or burnish all hard floors surfaces


  • Clean ceilings, vents, walls, partitions, fixtures
  • Scrub walls and floors

Holding cells

  • Clean/disinfect all holding cell areas
  • Scrub walls/floors


  • Pickup debris
  • Cut grass
  • Clean parking lots
  • Pressure wash sidewalks/entrances/walls as needed
  • Wash 1st floor and entrance glass

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