Urban and Community Forestry

There's more to a forest than just the trees

DCR's Urban and Community Forestry Program assists communities and nonprofit groups in protecting, growing, and managing community trees and forest ecosystems to improve the environment and enhance livability throughout Massachusetts.

Urban and Community Forestry Program support Massachusetts communities through numerous programs including:

What is Urban and Community Forestry?

Urban and community forests are the trees, plants and associated ecosystems anywhere where people are - country roads in rural towns, new developments in the suburbs, or concrete neighborhoods in cities and old mill towns. Our landscape is a continuum from rural forest to city center. 

Urban and Community Forestry is Not Just about Trees. There's more to a forest than just the trees. The other plants, soils, air, and water that are part of the community make up an ecological system that supports wildlife, a clean environment and a healthy home for humans.

The Health of the Urban Forest Affects the Quality of Our Lives. The health of urban and community forest ecosystem affects the quality of the water we drink, the air we breathe, the stability of our neighborhoods, and our sense of community and individual pride.

Community Forestry Builds Stronger Communities. The most important aspect of Urban and Community Forestry is “community.” Planting trees, gardening, teaching young people about nature, creating a land use plan – these activities bring diverse members of our communities together, strengthen our bond to the landscape, and improve the quality of life for the benefit of the whole community.

As our urban and community forests grow, so too does our sense of pride, our local economy, and our quality of life.

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