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Vehicle inspections

All vehicles registered in Massachusetts must pass a yearly vehicle inspection.
  • Newly purchased vehicles must be inspected within 7 days of registration
  • Inspections cost $35 for most vehicles. Inspection stations can charge more for commercial inspection.
  • Motorcycle inspections cost $15, and must be done at a licensed Class M motorcycle inspection station

Driving any motor vehicle without a valid inspection sticker is a traffic violation. It may result in a fine and affect your insurance rate.

Table of Contents

Inspection procedures

The Massachusetts Vehicle Check program is the vehicle emissions testing and safety inspection program for the Commonwealth. You can get an inspection at any of the 1,800 licensed inspection stations in Massachusetts from their Inspection Station Locator.

  • If your vehicle passes inspection, you'll get an inspection sticker. It's valid for one year and expires on the final day of the month on the sticker.
  • If your vehicle fails inspection, you'll get a "reject" sticker. Failed motorcycles don't receive a new sticker.
  • Vehicles with onboard diagnostic systems that are less than 15 years old must pass an annual emissions test.
  • Fleets of commercial motor vehicles can be tested by mobile inspectors, who bring testing equipment to company lots, or by a licensed company employee
  • The Massachusetts Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspection is equivalent to the annual Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) inspection. Your commercial vehicle will be tested against state and federal requirements at the same time.

Additional Resources

Inspection Station Complaints

To file a complaint against an inspection station, use our Inspection Station Complaint form.

  • For a Safety issue this form must be submitted within 30 days of inspection date.
  • For an Emissions issue, this form must be submitted within 2 days of the inspection date.



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