Verification Request FAQs

Review this before you proceed with submitting your request online

1. Can my test scores or experience hours be confirmed with my verification?

A verification provides an official board statement of your license credentials only. This includes your initial license date, expiration date and discipline history. 

If you would like verification of your test scores, please contact the testing vendor directly.

If you would like confirmation of your experience hours, please print the regulations to confirm you have met the necessary minimum requirements to receive your license. Or submit a public records request for a copy of your application: Public Records Requests

2. Can I request a verification in person or mail in my request?

In order maintain an eco-friendly environment we will no longer accept paper request in person or via mail.  All requests must be submitted online. Visit Request a certification/verification of your license.

3. How do I submit my out of state verification form?

Each verification will include a standard letter on our letterhead with the board seal confirming your credentials. It is not necessary to submit any out of state forms.

4. Can my verification request be expedited?

All requests are processed in the order in which they are received. Due to the high volume of requests received, we unfortunately cannot expedite any requests.

5. How do I verify my license as part of my LLC or PLLC application?

Please follow the same steps for a verification request. There is a step in the process to upload documentation. Please upload the Certificate of Regulatory Board form in the documents section.

Please note the fee is $15.00 per licensee listed on the form. Please add additional delivery method lines to be accessed the appropriate fee for all licensees listed on the form.

If you have any additional questions in regards to verifications, please email the board at

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