Viewing health assistance benefit information on My Account Page

My Account Page lets you review your health assistance benefit information, including the status of documents and notices.

Your personal information will be on the Health Assistance tab in My Account Page (MAP). Be sure to carefully review all information on the page. Pay special attention to areas where you need to take some action. If you want to get more details about your case, or open the most recent eligibility notices you can do it right in My Account Page!

Remember, to view you health assistance benefit information using My Account Page you must be:

  • A Massachusetts resident who is currently receiving health benefits
  • The head of household (the person who signed the application for benefits).

Please note, if you are the head of household and have never received health assistance benefits yourself, you will not be able to access health benefit information for other household members using My Account Page.

In MAP you can:

  • See household and member benefit information and important information such as eligibility notices
  • See Next Steps, What to do, and Due Dates for outstanding items such as proofs needed by MassHealth ( Tip: Review recent eligibility notices for additional status information)
  • See the status of documents you have faxed or mailed to MassHealth, such as whether they've been received or processed. The "Documents" area displays in MAP when viewing health insurance information. See Checking the Status of Documents Sent to MassHealth below for details.
  • Print the page using your Internet Browser
  • Leave My Account Page when finished by clicking the Exit My Account Page link at bottom right

Some of the information in My Account Page is updated overnight and may not be available at certain times.

Checking the Status of Documents Sent to MassHealth

The following information is available in the Documents area of MAP:

  • Who the document pertains to (household member)

  • Document Category, e.g., HCR MBR (such as ACA Paper Application, ACA Referral Application, etc.) Verification (such as income, citizenship, etc.), General Maintenance (such as Change of Address, etc.), Traditional Maintenance, Traditional SMBR
  • Status of document:  Processed (has a disposition) or Unprocessed (does not have a disposition) 
  • Date Received - faxed documents typically display within 48 hours, mailed documents within 1 week
  • Date Received - the date the document (or group of documents) was received at MassHealth


  • Document information will stay in the list for 18 months
  • The list contains document information, but not a copy of the document(s) itself

You should see one line in the list for each individual document or group of documents mailed or faxed.  If multiple documents were sent in one fax or mailing, you will not see all of those documents in the list. Instead you will only see the name of one of the documents. Because of this, it’s a good idea to check the list first for a “Date Received” around the time you think it was sent in, rather than first checking by “Document Category.”

  • Example, if you faxed or mailed 4 documents together — e.g., a birth certificate, 2 pay stubs and a copy of a bank statement — you will only see the name of 1 of those Document Categories in the list. In this example, you may see “Verification”; or you may only see “Income - Earned (EIN)”; or you may only see “Citizenship.”

For a document to display, it must include a Social Security number that matches the Social Security number of the household member the document is about.

  • Example, if a birth certificate for a spouse was mailed or faxed (alone, with no other documents), it must have the Social Security number for that spouse on that document in order for it to be displayed in the list. All mailed or faxed documents need to have the individual’s Social Security number on it.

The information in My Account Page is updated overnight and may not be available at certain times.

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