Volunteer for the Ombudsman Program

Volunteer for the Ombudsman Program

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What does a volunteer ombudsman do?

An Ombudsman Representative visits long-term care home residents with the goal of enhancing their quality of care and quality of their lives. They work with nursing home, rest home and assisted living residents, as well as with their families and friends on behalf of the residents. 

Residents may talk to Ombudsman Representatives regarding:

  • Concerns or complaints about the facility
  • Loneliness and boredom
  • Rights and responsibilities as a resident
  • Loss of personal items
  • Conflicts with staff
  • Facility policies, and more

Ombudsman Representatives help to educate long-term care residents about their rights, seeking to empower residents to become more active in resolving their concerns. Ombudsman Program volunteers help to reduce the isolation and loneliness experienced by many residents who have no family or friends involved in their lives.

Services and all conversations with Ombudsman Representatives are confidential. Ombudsman Representatives receive training in areas like facility regulations, negotiating and more. They are assigned to specific long-term care facilities and visit weekly. After each visit to the facility, the Ombudsman Representative completes simple paperwork. Ombudsman volunteers receive ongoing program support through monthly meetings.

How can I become a Long-term care Ombudsman Representative?

Volunteers are always needed! Individuals who are interested in becoming an Ombudsman Representative should have a friendly disposition, active listening skills, an ability to communicate effectively, and a strong appreciation for elders and people with disabilities. If you would like to learn more about becoming a trained long-term care Ombudsman Representative, contact the State Ombudsman staff at 617-222-7506 or by email to: jenny.beaujean@mass.gov.

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