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When can I get the COVID-19 vaccine?

Learn where you will fit into the COVID-19 vaccine distribution timeline.

The Baker-Polito Administration and the Department of Public Health developed a vaccine distribution timeline after extensive consultation with the Massachusetts Vaccine Advisory Group.  The timeline reflects several priorities: protecting our most vulnerable, maintaining health care system capacity, and addressing inequities in health care access and COVID-19 burden.

Overview of COVID-19 vaccine phase timeline. Full details in the sections below.

Table of Contents

Overview and Current Status

Graphic showing COVID Vaccination Phase 1 Timing by Priority Group. All phase 1 groups are now active.
Current status All phase 1 priority groups are eligible for vaccination

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

(Starting April 2021)

Click here for a list of who is eligible for vaccine in Phase 3.

The Commonwealth is in the process of standing up mass vaccination sites. Initially, these sites will be used for priority groups in earlier phases. Once the vaccine is available to the general public, public vaccine clinics will also be available on the CDC’s interactive website: You will also be able to check with your primary care provider, local pharmacy or local health department.