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MassDOT typical design schedule templates

The typical design templates establish a project's proposed schedule and measure actual schedule progress against this baseline.

MassDOT Highway Division's Typical Schedule Templates are MS Project 2010 templates. They are to be used by design consultants and the Highway Division's in-house designers to establish a project's baseline (proposed) schedule and for measuring actual schedule progress against this baseline.

The Highway Division currently uses MS Project 2010 and all schedule files submitted to us must be compatible with this program and submitted in MS 2010 format*. The five scheduling templates below are MS Project 2010 Templates. The Bridge Design Schedule Templates can be also found available in 2007 MS Project version. The sample PDF reports illustrate the GANTT Chart format with which the Highway Division expects Schedule Reports to comply.

The Highway Division expects to receive both the MS Project File (saved as a 2010 Project File), and a PDF of the GANTT Chart.

The Durations established in these templates are expected to be followed closely. Any Slippage must be justified in writing.

Additional Environmental permits and other Design and ROW activities added to the schedule must be properly linked together using Task Dependencies to maintain the Critical Path calculations.

* Using MS Project 2007 to develop a schedule is acceptable. However, the schedule files must be submitted in 2010 format.

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