Population Health Statistics: Race and ethnicity reports

The Health Status Indicators by Race and Ethnicity contains charts and graphs depicting a comparison of health status indicators for Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, and Whites in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The following health status areas are represented: demographic data, maternal and infant health, mortality patterns, health status and risk behaviors, indicators of health care access, hospital discharge data, and AIDS incidence data

The Word documents are substantially large files, so please allow time to download and open. If you have difficulty obtaining these documents from the website, please contact the Office of Special Analytic Projects at (617) 624-5600.

Table of Contents

Health status indicators

American Indians/Native Americans

Asian Births in Massachusetts (1996-1999)

Black Births in Massachusetts

Cancer Incidence

Hispanic Births in Massachusetts (1996-1999)

Hispanic Adults in Massachusetts

Portuguese Births in Massachusetts (2009-2013)