Renewals, relocations, and other actions

The link to renew, change managers, and other actions for existing facilities may be found here.

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Renew Facility Licenses and Registrations

Request a Verification of Licensure

Provides official verification of a Board license or registration and is often required when seeking licensure in another state.

  • Can be downloaded immediately and for free from
  • If either the downloaded version is not acceptable to the recipient or an out-of-state verification form requires Board completion, complete the online application and provide the $15 non-refundable and non-transferable fee. (There will be a $23 handling charge for returned checks.)


Use the Renovation Amendment application in the licensing system when applying to renovate a pharmacy. The documents below will assist you with the application.

Automated Dispensing Device Controlled Substance Registration

If required, use this form in the licensing system to apply for a Controlled Substance Registration (CSR) for an Automated Dispensing Device (ADD) to be used in a Massachusetts healthcare facility.

  • $225 non-refundable and non-transferable fee (There will be a $23 handling charge for returned checks.)
  • If the healthcare facility requires approval from the facility’s licensing body, provide a copy of approval.

Wholesale Distributor License

Wholesalers and distributors can be registered by the Drug Control Program. It is not necessary to also be licensed by the Board of Registration in Pharmacy.

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