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Marlborough District Court jury information

What you need to know if you have jury duty here

Reporting for jury duty

  • On the day before your jury duty, please call the Jury Line after 3 pm (508) 303-8581.
  • You must appear by 8:30 am.  However, jurors are allowed to enter the building as early as 8 am.
  • Report to 2nd Floor
  • You may bring food and drink with you into the courthouse.
  • When there is severe weather or a public emergency, please call (508) 303-8581 (after 7 am on the jury date) for a recorded announcement.

Jurors and portable electronic devices (including cell phones)

  • Although jurors may see signs outside the building stating the public is not allowed to bring portable electronic devices - including cell phones - into the Courthouse, this policy does not apply to the jurors.  Jurors may bring these devices with them into the Courthouse. Jurors should show their jury duty notice to the security officer as they enter the Courthouse to obtain permission to bring these items in with them.

Juror parking

There are 3 free parking lots available at the courthouse.