Mountain biking at the Middlesex Fells

Fire roads and single-track trails make up the park's mountain bike trails. Difficulties range from easy to moderate.

Riding trails at the Fells

You'll find fire road loops in:

  • Lawrence Woods
  • Eastern Fells

The Mountain Bike Loop trail offers riders a loop path around the Western Fells.

  • Green blazed
  • Trail is about 85% fire roads and 15% single-track trail.

The Reservoir Trail offers a more challenging ride around the Western Fells.

  • Orange blazed
  • Trail is about 70% single-track trail and 30% fire roads.

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  • Always ride within your ability, under control and at a safe speed.
  • Stay off trails marked with "No Bicycle" signs.
  • No riding allowed on the following trails:
    • Skyline Trail (white blazed, west of I-93)
    • Rock Circuit Trail (white blazed, east of I-93)
    • Rock Circuit Connector Trail (orange blazed, east of I-93)
    • Cross Fells Trail (blue blazed)
    • Crystal Spring Trail (red blazed)
    • Long Pond
    • Virginia Wood
  • Yield to equestrians, runners and hikers. When a horse approaches, move off the trail and ask the rider for instructions.
  • Avoid riding unpaved trails when they are muddy or wet.
  • Mountain biking prohibited on unpaved trails from March 1 to March 31 or as posted.

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