Mountain biking in Blue Hills

Find out where you can ride and what rules you need to follow on mountain bike trails at Blue Hills Reservation.


With more than 7,000 acres to explore, the Blue Hills Reservation is great for mountain biking. Challenge yourself on rocky terrain or coast along level ground — just make sure you look out for other outdoor enthusiasts.

All trails within the reservation are multi-use. For safety's sake, we ask that mountain bikers yield to hikers and horseback riders. We also ask you to please be respectful of the environment around you and the trails themselves.

Mountain biking is closed the month of March due to soil conditions.

Know where you're allowed to bike

Here's what you should know before you hit the trails:

Where you can bike

Look at the mountain biking trail map to learn exactly where you can ride. Mountain bike trails are marked in black. Trails where you can’t ride a mountain bike are marked in red. Pay attention to the contour lines on the trail map to find the right trail for you. Contour lines that are closer together indicate a steeper slope.

You can explore the following sections of Blue Hills Reservation on your mountain bike:

  • Great Blue Hill
  • Houghton's Pond
  • Ponkapoag
  • Ponkapoag East
  • West Street
  • Little Blue Hill
  • Fowl Meadow

Mountain biking is not allowed on trails east of Route 28 or north of Interstate 93 to protect the endangered species that live there.

Other important guidelines:

  • Stick to existing trails to help protect plants and wildlife.
  • Respect “No Biking” signs. Some trails may be closed temporarily due to environmental or safety concerns.
  • Get a special use permit from Reservation Headquarters if you’re cycling with a group of 6 or more.
  • Yield to hikers and horseback riders. Approach slowly and be careful as you ride down slopes or around blind corners.
  • Modulate front and back brakes when you slow down to avoid skidding or digging up the trails.

What to bring

Prepare for your trip

What to bring:

  • Water
  • Repair kit
  • A trail map 
  • Eye protection
  • Helmet

If you're under 16, you're required to wear headgear by state law.

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