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DDS Northeast Region


Hogan Regional Center, 450 Maple Street, Hathorne, MA 01937



Fax: (978) 739-0410

Details of DDS Northeast Region

Overview of DDS Northeast Region

Each Area Office reports to one of four geographically located Regional Offices. The Regional Office provides management of the area offices and performs the following regional functions: intake and eligibility determination,
survey and certification of service providers, procurement and contracts
business, legal and administration, abuse and mistreatment investigations, informal conferences to resolve disputes about the identification, prioritization, or provision of services.

The primary staff contacts located in the Regional Office include: Regional Director, Community Systems Manager, Regional Operations Manager, Regional Family Support Director, Regional Eligibility Director, Regional Quality Management Director, Senior Investigator, and Assistant General Counsel.

This regional office serves the following area offices:
Central Middlesex, Lowell, Merrimack Valley, Metro North, North Shore

Hours for DDS Northeast Region

Monday - Friday:
8:45 am-5:00 pm

Parking at DDS Northeast Region

Onsite parking is available

More info for DDS Northeast Region

Regional Director: Kelly Lawless, kelly.d.lawless@mass.gov

Community Systems Director: Karen Mcdonald karen.mcdonald@mass.gov

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