Roxbury Division, Boston Municipal Court


85 Warren St., Roxbury, MA 02119


Clerk’s Office (617) 427-7000

Press 1

Probation Department (617) 427-7000

Press 2


Clerk’s Office (617) 541-0286
Probation Department (617) 442-2786



This court serves Roxbury.


Monday - Friday:
8:30 am-4:30 pm


There is no public parking available at this courthouse.  Limited parking is available on the streets in the vicinity of the courthouse.

Public Transportation

You can reach the vicinity of the courthouse via MBTA subway and bus routes, as well as via the Silver Line.

It is strongly recommended that you check with the MBTA’s website to receive their updated routes.  They offer a Trip Planner, which enables users to get personalized recommendations. 


If you received documents from the Courts or a third party, please check the documents to find that office or department. Otherwise, contact one of the ADA Coordinators below.

Sharon Matthews
Phone: 617-989-9555
Fax: 617-442-0615

Vilma Altamirano  
Phone: 617-427-7000 x415
Fax: 617-442-2786 

Jurors Only

Please call for details at 1-800-THE-JURY (1-800-843-5879).


Members of the public (including all defendants and witnesses) shall not bring cell phones and/or personal electronic devices into the courthouse for any reason. Lawyers with bar cards, jurors, employees and police officers on police business are permitted to bring devices into the courthouse but must turn them off while in the courtroom, or the device may be confiscated.  

Using cameras and electronic devices

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Judge's Lobby

Hon. David Weingarten, First Justice

Clerk's Office

Michael W. Neighbors, Clerk-Magistrate

Probation Department

Kevin C. O'Neill, Chief Probation Officer


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