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Mandate Mandatory Statewide In-Service Training for all sworn officers

Date: 05/28/2019
Organization: Municipal Police Training Committee

The MPTC Committee made the following determinations with respect to mandatory statewide in-service training for all sworn officers (full-time and reserve). These blocks of training equal eighteen (18) hours of training. If the local option segments are included, the total will be twenty-four (24) hours, which means every officer will need a minimum of twenty-two (22) or sixteen (16) additional hours, respectively, of police-related training to meet the mandatory 40-hour annual in-service training requirement. 

Table of Contents

Training Year 2020 Mandatory In-service Training for all sworn officers (full-time and reserve)

  • Legal updates (6 hours)
  • Procedures, Protocols, and Considerations for Investigations Involving Animals (3 hours)
  • Police Survival (3 hours)
  • Defensive Tactics classroom and skills (6 hours)
  • Local Option (6 hours)  The MPTC will furnish six (6) hours of a local option. The local option is a topic chosen by the local MPTC program coordinator based upon input from and discussions with the chiefs of police in her or his area. Consequently, please contact your regional MPTC program coordinator if you have a suggestions for the local option in your area. 
  • In addition, officers are required to complete the annual firearms training and requalification requirements (see above). CPR and first aid training are also required pursuant to MGL chapter 111 §201. Both of these do count towards the overall 40-hour training requirement, as does any other police related training, 
    regardless of the provider and regardless of whether it is classroom or Internet based. 
  • The Committee will be making decisions regarding in-service training for chiefs.