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Manual  Transportation training for staff of aging and disability service providers

Access to transportation is key to quality of life. Aging and disability service agencies and their staff play an important role in connecting consumers to mobility. This training includes videos and supplemental resources to help you learn how you can help consumers access existing transportation options, as well as how your organization can play a role in expanding mobility options.

Organization: MassMobility
Date published: October 30, 2019

Transportation training for aging and disability services staff

This is a two-part training:

  • Finding transportation in your community - targeted to frontline staff who work with older adults and/or people with disabilities. Learn about options that may be available in your community and tools to help consumers find and use those options.
  • Creative approaches to expand community mobility - targeted to agency leadership, to help you understand the role your organization can play in expanding mobility options for your community. This training highlights examples of innovative approaches underway at organizations around Massachusetts.

Each part includes a video and supplemental resources.

Customized in-person training is also available. We welcome you to contact us at hstmobility@state.ma.us if you would like MassMobility to present at an upcoming conference or staff meeting.




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