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Staff training: Creative approaches to expand community mobility

Learn how aging and disability service agencies can implement creative approaches to expand mobility for consumers.

Mobility is critical to quality of life for older adults and people with disabilities. This training is targeted to leaders of aging and disability service organizations, as well as anyone else interested in learning about the role human service agencies can play in expanding mobility. It covers:

  • Examples of innovative ways that organizations are working together to increase transportation for older adults and people with disabilities in Massachusetts
  • Tools you can use to enhance mobility in your region

Watch the video to learn more. Explore the supplemental resources below for additional information and tools.

Table of Contents

Training video: Creative approaches to expand community mobility

Additional Resources

Promising practices and inspiring examples



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MassMobility would like to thank the Executive Office of Elder Affairs, MassDOT, and members of the transportation workgroup of the Governor's Council to Address Aging in Massachusetts for their assistance developing this video. Thanks in particular to the Barr Foundation for their assistance with graphics and video editing.