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ADHD Medication Shortage Notice

DATE:            April 24, 2023

SUBJECT:     ADHD Medication Shortage Notice

The Drug Control Program has determined that the FDA declared shortage of ADHD medications reasonably falls within the definition of an Emergency Situation as defined in 105 CMR 721.001.

Emergency Situation means
(1) situations in which the prescribing practitioner intends to prescribe a controlled
substance, the immediate administration of which is necessary for the proper treatment of the
intended ultimate user; and
b. the prescribing practitioner determines that the Electronic Prescription requirement
would result in a delay that would adversely impact the patient's medical condition;

As such, 105 CMR 721.060 states:
721.060: Prescribing in Emergency Situations (A) In case of an Emergency Situation, the requirements of 105 CMR 721.000 to use an Electronic Prescribing System to generate, transmit and receive a Prescription are waived.

Providers may issue written prescriptions for these medications at this time.
This Emergency Situation will continue until the FDA declares the shortage of these medications has ended.

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