News  Advisory: Expiration Dates on Tanks of Compressed Medical Gases

  • Board of Registration in Dentistry

Advisory on change in requirement for expiration dates for compressed medical gases - oxygen and nitrous oxide

The purpose of this Advisory is to inform all individuals licensed to practice dentistry in the Commonwealth of a recent change in the enforcement of the requirement for expiration dates on cylinders of compressed medical gas.

After careful deliberation, the Board determined that as the United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) is not enforcing the requirement for expiration dating of compressed medical gases (21 CFR 211.137) at this time, the Board will cease requiring this information as well. The Board, however, remains concerned that compressed medical gas tanks are maintained and stored properly. As such, the Board will require licensees to comply with manufacturers’ directions regarding servicing and maintenance of compressed gas tanks and to properly document said maintenance in the maintenance log required by Board regulations at 234 CMR 6.04 through 6.08 paragraph(s) (1) (c).

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