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Press Release Big Y Joins Massachusetts’ SNAP Online Purchasing Program

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Media Contact for Big Y Joins Massachusetts’ SNAP Online Purchasing Program

Alana Davidson, Director of Communications

Boston — The Baker-Polito Administration announced today that Massachusetts residents who receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits can now use their Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) SNAP benefits to buy groceries online from Big Y, a supermarket chain based in Massachusetts.

Big Y is the latest retailer in the Commonwealth to accept EBT SNAP online. It joins Amazon, BJs, Daily Table, Geissler's Supermarket, Shaw’s, Star Market, Stop & Shop, and Walmart, as well as ALDI, Brothers Marketplace, Hannaford, McKinnon's Supermarkets, Price Chopper, Price Rite Marketplace, Roche Bros., Sudbury Farms, and Wegmans via Instacart. Across all eligible retailers, Massachusetts residents have spent more than $240 million in SNAP benefits to-date, buying groceries online from eligible retailers. For more information on the Massachusetts program, visit

“Along with continuation of SNAP Emergency Allotments, SNAP online purchasing is one of several tools the Administration has utilized to combat food insecurity for Massachusetts individuals and families,” said Secretary of Health and Human Services Marylou Sudders. “More local retailers in the program both supports households that receive SNAP benefits and also brings economic support to our local businesses and communities.”

“SNAP online purchasing program is a critical part of the Administration’s work to address equitable access to groceries across the state, providing more than 600,000 low-income households the same purchasing choices as other shoppers,” said Department of Transitional Assistance Acting Commissioner Mary Sheehan. “SNAP online purchasing is another important tool in our efforts to help people shop safely for food, at a reduced risk of skimming scams. We are grateful for the expansion of this program to more retailers, as well as retailers’ partnership in protecting SNAP clients and their benefits.” 

Big Y customers can now use their SNAP benefits when purchasing their groceries online through the Instacart marketplace. Shoppers must enter their EBT card as the form of payment on their Instacart account and select items from the list of EBT SNAP-eligible products as part of their Big Y order. Similar to using SNAP benefits to purchase food in a store, benefits can be used to buy SNAP-eligible foods online, including fresh produce, frozen foods, dairy, and eggs. For more information on using SNAP benefits via Instacart, visit

"At Big Y, we are always striving to enhance the shopping experience for all of our customers," said Christian D'Amour, Director of E-Commerce at Big Y Foods. "We are so excited to now offer this valuable benefit and flexible shopping option to our customers and their families."

SNAP benefits cannot be used for any added fees, like delivery fees. Economic assistance received through the Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA), which include Transitional Aid to Families with Dependent Children (TAFDC) and Emergency Aid to the Elderly, Disabled, and Children (EAEDC), cannot be used to purchase items online at this time. The USDA approves all retailers for participation in this program. Interested retailers can visit:

DTA has issued warnings to residents of skimming scams that have impacted some DTA clients. These scams are aimed at obtaining credit, debit, and EBT card information and Personal Identification Numbers (PINs). Skimming is the use of an electronic device to steal card information from a card reader and create a fake card to steal money or benefits. SNAP online purchasing may provide a safer way for people to shop for groceries, as it eliminates the physical risk of coming in contact with a skimming scam. The agency is strongly encouraging clients to change the PIN on their EBT cards before each time they get their benefits. Families who get TAFDC or EAEDC can also call their case manager to ask about having their benefits deposited to their bank account. Learn more at

Currently, households are temporarily receiving increased SNAP benefit amounts and it is now easier than ever to apply. Residents can check their SNAP eligibility and apply online at or call the DTA Assistance Line at 877-382-2363. SNAP is not considered in a public charge test. If one is not a US citizen or eligible immigrant, it is safe for them to get SNAP for an eligible family member (like a US citizen child).


Media Contact for Big Y Joins Massachusetts’ SNAP Online Purchasing Program

Department of Transitional Assistance 

The Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) assists and empowers low-income individuals and families to meet their basic needs, improve their quality of life, and achieve long term economic self-sufficiency. DTA serves one in seven residents of the Commonwealth with direct economic assistance (cash benefits) and food assistance (SNAP benefits), as well as workforce training opportunities.