News  DTA Expands Language Access for Benefit Recipients

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Navy blue square with multi-colored chat bubbles that say "for your information" in various languages, with text that reads, "Benefit Decision Notices Now Available in 6 Languages".

To improve accessibility and inclusivity, the Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) has announced an exciting initiative to provide Benefit Decision Notices in six languages. Effective immediately, these notices will be available in English, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Haitian Creole, Chinese (Simplified), and Vietnamese. This marks a significant step forward in language access and equity for individuals receiving DTA benefits. 

The Benefit Decision Notice is a crucial document that informs recipients about the status of their benefits, including approvals, denials, and adjustments. With this expansion, individuals from diverse linguistic backgrounds will now have access to vital information in their preferred language, ensuring better understanding and comprehension of their benefits. 

This initiative reflects DTA's commitment to serving all members of the community equitably, regardless of language. By offering the Benefit Decision Notice in multiple languages, DTA aims to empower individuals to navigate the complexities of the benefits system with confidence and clarity. 

"We recognize the importance of language access in ensuring that all individuals can fully understand and exercise their rights," said DTA Commissioner Jeff McCue. "By providing Benefit Decision Notices in multiple languages, we are removing barriers and promoting inclusivity within our programs." 

The expansion of language access extends beyond just the issuance of Benefit Decision Notices. DTA has also committed to providing additional support and resources to individuals who may require assistance in understanding their benefits or navigating the application process. For more information, please visit: 



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