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Attention Exam Candidates and Prospective Examinees

In July 2017, NAB will transition its examinations to a new structure: examinees will need to pass a 100- item Core of Knowledge exam and a 50- item line of service exam.

Please be advised that there will be a brief “blackout” period during this transition, in which no NAB exams will be administered. Examinees and prospective examinees must either plan to take the exam in its current form by June 16, or to prepare to take the new examination form beginning on July 5. Please note that this blackout applies to state exams administered through NAB, as well as the national exams.

Please note that from June 2 through July 4, candidates will NOT have access to registering, reviewing scores, or requesting score transfer/diagnostic reports.

Beginning July 5, candidates will apply for examination eligibility through a new application system called Clarus. Applicants will be able to access the application system through the NAB website.

Again, please note that this new website will not be operational until July 5. Candidate records from the current application system will be transferred to the new application system.

Timeline of Upcoming Events

June 1, 2017

June 16, 2017

July 5, 2017

Last day for candidates and prospective examinees to apply for current NHA and RCAL examinations


Candidates and prospective examinees may begin using the new application system

Last day candidates will have access to the existing application and results website

Last day for candidates and prospective examinees to take current NHA and RCAL examinations

First day of testing under new NAB exam structure introducing Core of Knowledge examination

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