News New Requirement for Dental Assistant Licensure

  • Board of Registration in Dentistry


FROM:             Barbara A. Young, RDH

                        Executive Director


RE:                   New Requirement for Dental Assistant Licensure


DATE:              November 12, 2019




Effective December 1, 2019, ALL dental assistant applicants seeking to become licensed in Massachusetts must take and pass the Board’s ethics and jurisprudence exam for dental assistants that has been tailored to the practice of dental assisting.  This new requirement pertains to license applications received by the Board on or after December 1, 2019; it will NOT apply to license applications received by the Board prior to December 1, 2019.  To pass this exam, all dental assistants must score 75% or higher (15 correct answers out of 20 questions).

To request a copy of the dental assistant ethics and jurisprudence exam, the applicant must send an email to the Board at  A copy of the exam will be sent to the applicant as an email attachment. 

To begin a new licensure application, the applicant must go to the Board’s website at and click on the link for “Dental Assistant Licenses.”

To follow up on a previously submitted but incomplete licensure application, the applicant should contact the Board by phone at 617-973-0924 or by email at


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