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Blog Post  OVM Rightsizing Initiative Steers State Fleet Toward Climate Goals

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IN AUGUST 2022, THE OFFICE OF VEHICLE MANAGEMENT (OVM) IMPLEMENTED the Fleet Rightsizing Initiative in support of the mandate in Executive Order 594 (EO594) to decarbonize and minimize the environmental impacts of the Executive Branch fleet. The OVM team is highly focused on the success of this Executive Order, and they are helping agencies meet these goals through a strategy of fleet optimization and electrification.

As part of the Fleet Rightsizing Initiative, OVM performed a robust evaluation of the Executive Branch fleet under its purview. Using telematics data and business intelligence tools, OVM identified areas of significant underutilization and policy non-compliance. The OVM team then met with Agencies individually to discuss fleet optimization and the elimination of underutilized assets, using the data to support these decisions.

When the Rightsizing Initiative was launched on July 1, 2022, 0.64% of the OVM fleet was comprised of Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs). One year later, OVM is progressing toward achieving the goals of EO594, which states the Commonwealth fleet must be comprised of 5% Zero Emission Vehicles by 2025. As of September 1, 2023, ZEVs comprise 2.62% of their fleet – more than halfway to the 5% goal established in EO594.

EV First Policy and the LEVI Program

In July 2022, OSD/OVM instituted the EV First Policy which requires agencies to purchase Electric Vehicles (EVs) whenever such vehicles are readily available and meet agency needs.

Supply chain issues continue to plague the automotive industry [not to mention the impacts that may result from the United Auto Workers (UAW) strike] and obtaining ZEVs has been challenging. Fleet managers need to be nimble so that they may react when manufacturers’ vehicle order banks open and they also need to be vigilant since there is no guarantee that the vehicle(s) ordered will be delivered.

Like agency fleet managers, OVM staff learned they, too, must be nimble and they developed a creative solution to assist agencies in complying with EO594 and the EV First Policy: the Leased Electric Vehicle

Ford F150 Lightning

Inventory (LEVI) Program. Through the LEVI program, OVM has amassed an inventory of ZEVs which are available for lease to agencies. The LEVI Program helps alleviate the stress of acquiring vehicles via the traditional route when delivery delays and order cancellations are commonplace. The LEVI vehicles come equipped with several safety features as standard options. While no upfitting has been added to the standard specs, there are opportunities to add upfits, as needed.

Agency Response to the Rightsizing Initiative

In the year since implementing the Rightsizing Initiative, the EV First Policy, and the LEVI program, the state fleet is making positive headway in achieving the goals of EO594. To date, fifteen agencies have obtained ZEVs through the LEVI Program, while other agencies obtained vehicles through direct purchase.

Here is a recap of recent ZEV acquisitions made through the LEVI Program or direct purchase:

  • The Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) has the largest fleet under OVM’s purview, with more than 750 vehicles. DCR currently has 12 Ford F150 Lightning pickup trucks on order for purchase and the DCR Office of Watershed Management is anticipating delivery of two Chevrolet Bolt Electric Utility Vehicles (EUVs) and one Ford F150 Lightning. With these new additions, ZEVs comprise just 0.26% of DCR’s fleet. While a long way from their goal, this puts DCR on a positive path forward.
  • The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) manages the second largest fleet under OVM’s purview with more than 450 vehicles. Because of the sheer volume of vehicles, DDS also happens to be the largest adopter of ZEVs with 31 leased vehicles, which equals 6.81% of their fleet.
  • The Division of Professional Licensure, which has 33 vehicles in their fleet, recently acquired eight ZEVs (24% of their fleet) through the LEVI program.

Vincent Micozzi, OSD’s Director of Fleet Policy and Operations expressed his thanks to all agencies for their active participation in these impactful initiatives. “OVM understands that making changes to the fleets is not an easy task, and the effort put forth by the agencies is noticed and appreciated. They are helping the Commonwealth of Massachusetts make strides toward a cleaner future.”

For agencies wishing to electrify their fleets, OVM reports that there are more than 50 ZEVs available for deployment to agencies. See the LEVI Program brochure for vehicle details. For those agencies that wish to make direct purchases of vehicles, OVM recommends that fleet managers determine their budgets and be prepared to place orders no later than the first quarter of the 2024 calendar year.

For information about ZEVs available through the LEVI Program, contact Karen Rasnick, OVM Lease Administrator.

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