Speech  Update: RMV Service Center in Springfield Will Be Offering Road Tests in Preparation for Work and Family Mobility Act

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Update: RMV Service Center in Springfield Will Be Offering Road Tests in Preparation for Work and Family Mobility Act

Effective on Monday, June 26, the Springfield, (not the Chicopee location), will begin providing road tests   

BOSTON - The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) is announcing the Service Center located in Springfield will offer road tests as of Monday, June 26.  This location, rather than the Chicopee Service Center as previously announced, will offer road tests to support the Registry’s ongoing efforts to prepare for the Work and Family Mobility Act which is scheduled to take effect on July 1. The RMV has also increased staffing and will be making translation assistance available for customers using a hotline, informational materials, and interpreter services.

“The Registry of Motor Vehicles continues to strategically prepare for the implementation of the Work and Family Mobility Act and the anticipated customer service demand that will be in place when the law takes effect on July 1,” said Registrar of Motor Vehicles Colleen Ogilvie. “The transitioning of this service center to accommodate additional road tests will help provide customers in Western Massachusetts with increased access, dedicated support services and additional opportunities to help secure driving credentials.” 

Road Test Information and Requirements

Customers can schedule required road test appointments now online at mass.gov/myRMV for tests that will be conducted on or after Monday, June 26, at the Springfield Service Center.

Road test applicants must bring a physical copy of their learner’s permit, a printed and completed copy of the Road Test Application and be accompanied by a qualified sponsor. A sponsor is a person who is a licensed driver over the age of 21 with at least one year of experience driving. In addition to meeting the application and sponsor qualifications, the applicant must make sure the vehicle brought for testing meets all functional and safety requirements.   

Private passenger vehicles used for a Class D road test must meet the following requirements (including vehicles with an ignition interlock device, and vehicles with adaptive equipment for a competency test): 

  • Be in good working condition and be able to pass a safety check. 
  • Have a valid registration and current inspection sticker. 
  • Contain adequate seating accommodations next to the operator for the use of the examiner and have a rear seat for the sponsor. 
  • Be designed to let the examiner make an emergency stop using the parking brake. If not, the vehicle cannot be used for the road test. 
  • Any vehicle with a center console that does not have a parking brake as part of the console cannot be used. 
  • Any vehicle that does not allow the examiner unobstructed access to the parking brake cannot be used. 

The RMV has created a webpage to help applicants locate all information related to their road test.  The webpage, which is located at https://www.mass.gov/guides/road-test-information, includes information on what to expect, videos to help prepare for the road test, links to checklists and applications to increase applicants’ chances of passing their exams. 

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