News Video: Building Chemical Safety into Climate Change Preparedness

  • Office of Technical Assistance and Technology (OTA)

OTA's new video emphasizes the need to:

  • consider pollution prevention techniques as part of emergency preparedness, and
  • engage manufacturing facilities in local and regional climate preparedness planning.

Technical Assistance For Your Massachusetts Facility

OTA offers free and confidential site visitsto reduce risks of severe weather-related industrial accidents. 

OTA’s staff of chemists and engineers can provide a second set of eyes for:

  • chemical compatibility and storage,
  • waste reduction,
  • pollution prevention strategies, and
  • energy conservation strategies. 

Referring Companies to OTA

Local fire and health departments and other organizations can refer companies to OTA for technical assistance as needed. To refer a company to OTA, call (617) 626-1060.

Once a company begins working with OTA, they are subject to our confidentiality policy . This means that OTA will only be able to provide progress reports with company approval. Often companies are amenable to working side by side with both OTA and the referring agency.

Climate Vulnerability Map

You can use OTA’s interactive climate change vulnerability map to see if yourlocation is at risk to floods or hurricanes, or near sensitive areas and assist you with contingency planning.

OTA provides live demonstrations of the map for business groups and Regional or Local Emergency Planning Committee meetings.

Reach out to Tiffany Skogstrom (617) 626-1086 or Tiffany.Skogstrom@Mass.Gov for more information.

Office of Technical Assistance and Technology (OTA) 

The Office of Technical Assistance and Technology works to support the growth of environmentally responsible manufacturing and production in the Commonwealth by encouraging businesses to better comply with environmental regulations, implement cost effective toxics use reduction, energy efficiency, water conservation, and other sustainable practices.