About OTA Site Visits

You can request that an OTA team visit your facility to provide confidential recommendations on toxics reduction, energy efficiency, renewable energy, water and resource conservation, or compliance.

Since its existence, OTA has made more than 4,300 visits to Massachusetts facilities.

While OTA engineers can provide confidential assistance and explanations by email or over the phone, many times the best way to address your facility's unique needs and specific questions is to schedule a site visit at your convenience.

What to expect from us

Site visit length

Site visits usually take 2-3 hours and are completely free of charge and confidential. The length of the visit depends on your availability and the specificity of your needs and interests. Our personnel visit facilities to do general assessments or to focus narrowly a prioritized topic.

Before the site visit:

Request a site visit

Reach out to OTA to let us know more about the issue you'd like assistance with.

Pre-visit questionnaire

Before your site visit, fill out a Pre-Visit Questionnaire answering some basic questions about your facility so that OTA staff can be prepared to assist you. Return this to the OTA staff member(s) who will be visiting your facility, along with any other information you think would be helpful (such as process flow diagrams, Safety Data Sheets, etc.).

The day-of:

Opening meeting

Site visits start with a meeting. This helps us by confirming your priorities and objectives for the visit and allows us to gather additional information about your processes before the tour.

Facility tour

We will join you and your team on a tour of the production floor. We can tour the entire process or view specific sub-operations and pieces of equipment at your request. During the tour, we can:

  • look for opportunities to use chemicals more efficiently,

  • look for ways to improve energy efficiency,

  • look for opportunities to reduce toxics use and waste, and,

  • point out ways to improve your facility's compliance with a wide range of regulations.

Closing meeting

This is a chance to touch base after the tour, come to an agreement on the information that will be sent to you in the report, and answer any additional questions that have come up during the tour.

After the site visit:

Report development

After the site visit, we will compile information specific to your needs and develop a written report based on the topics discussed during the visit.

Report delivery

We will either suggest a call to discuss the recommendations or set up another time to deliver the report to your facility in person.


We can help you evaluate and implement any of the recommendations featured in the report. Sometimes we will follow up to see if you need additional information from us on any of the topics in the report.

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