OIG Reports and Recommendations

After conducting an investigation, review or audit, the OIG may issue a letter or report detailing its findings and recommending reforms to prevent future problems.

Much of the OIG’s work is confidential, but at the end of a project, the Inspector General may issue a letter or report. The letter or report may detail the findings and recommendations. Some publications are archived and are available only in print. If you prefer a printed version of any publication, or need a publication that is only available in print, please call or email the OIG.

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24-hour Confidential Reporting

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Report fraud, waste or abuse of government funds or property to the OIG OIG Confidential Online Fraud Reporting Form  
Report fraud, waste or abuse of government funds or property related to public transportation OIG Confidential Online Reporting Form for Fraud Related to Public Transportation 
Chapter 30B Technical Assistance Form Chapter 30B Technical Assistance Form 


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