Executive Office of the Trial Court Legal Department

The Legal Department of the Executive Office of the Trial Court oversees the full range of legal matters that arise within the central administrative office of the Trial Court.

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The Legal Department oversees the review and approval of contracts and leases, the provision of representation before the Industrial Accident Board in workers' compensation claims, and the assessment of presentment of tort claims. The Legal Department works directly with Assistant Attorneys General in providing representation whenever the Trial Court, or any of its Departments, are parties in litigation brought before any state or federal court. The Legal Department advises the Court Administrator and the Chief Justice of the Trial Court, and their respective staff, on legal issues that arise in the course of performing their duties. The staff of the Legal Department interacts regularly with Judicial, Executive, and Legislative Branch personnel concerning legal and administrative matters. The Legal Department isn't affiliated with any District Attorney's Office or the Committee for Public Counsel Services and doesn't provide legal advice or legal representation to court users or members of the general public.

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