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Press Release

Auditor Bump Appoints Richard MacKinnon to Serve on the Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission 

2/03/2021 Office of the State Auditor

MacKinnon was nominated to serve by the president of the Massachusetts AFL-CIO.

Press Release

UMass Boston’s Failure to Pay New Employees on Time Hinders Effective Management of School’s Budget, Audit Shows 

1/19/2021 Office of the State Auditor

Some individuals hired by UMass Boston waited more than a year to be added to the school’s payroll system

Press Release

Auditor Bump Appoints Patricia Houpt to Serve on the Massachusetts Health Policy Commission 

1/11/2021 Office of the State Auditor

Houpt replaces Rick Lord, the former director and CEO of Associated Industries of Massachusetts.

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Auditor Bump Appoints Cinda Danh to Serve on the Asian American Commission 

1/06/2021 Office of the State Auditor

Danh will serve on the AAC for a three-year term, after which she will be eligible for reappointment.

Press Release

Audit Shows Only Three Percent of Newly Retired State Employees Received Initial Benefit Payments on Time 

1/06/2021 Office of the State Auditor

MSRB indicated the retirement of human resource and payroll personnel across state government as a result of the 2015 Early Retirement Incentive Program exacerbated this problem.

Press Release

Audit Finds No Deficiencies at Suffolk County Registry of Probate and Family Court 

12/31/2020 Office of the State Auditor

During the audit period, SCRPFC was administering and using the state's electronic case filing system effectively.

Press Release

Auditor Bump Reappoints Dr. Kimberly Truong to Serve on the Self-Determination Advisory Board 

12/30/2020 Office of the State Auditor

The Self-Determination Advisory Board was created to advise the Department of Developmental Services on efforts to implement, publicize, evaluate, improve and develop information regarding self-determination.

Press Release

PILOT Programs Undermined by Lack of Funding and Tax Rulings, Report Finds 

12/10/2020 Office of the State Auditor

State Auditor Suzanne Bump urges lawmakers to increase PILOT funding and clarify state laws governing taxation and PILOT agreements with solar facilities.

Press Statement

Auditor Bump on Police Reform Bill Passage: “An Important Step Forward in Both Public Safety and Civil Rights” 

12/02/2020 Office of the State Auditor

Measure takes action on recommendations included in 2019 report from Bump's office.

Press Release

Quincy Woman Admits to Public Benefits Fraud 

11/30/2020 Office of the State Auditor

Defendant ordered to spend a year under house arrest and pay a six-figure restitution after pleading guilty last week to fifteen indictments of defrauding public benefits programs and providing false or misleading information.

Press Release

Audit Calls for Improvements in Cybersecurity Training at Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development 

11/24/2020 Office of the State Auditor

During the audit, forty-five individuals employed by agencies within EOHED did not complete required cybersecurity awareness training.

Press Release

Gina Cash, Director of the Office of the State Auditor’s Bureau of Special Investigations, Receives Top Women of Law Award 

11/18/2020 Office of the State Auditor

Cash recognized for her contributions to helping the Auditor's Office accomplish its mission.

Press Release

Audit Shows Electronic Case Filing System Has Reduced Case Processing Time at Appeals Court  

11/02/2020 Office of the State Auditor

The audit also shows the court is improving its processes related to the collection and reconciliation of fees for appellant cases.

Press Release

MassHealth Has Made Improvements to Applicant Income Eligibility Verifications, Audit Shows 

10/09/2020 Office of the State Auditor

Recommendations in 2012 audit of MassHealth have been implemented.

Press Release

Bump Reappoints Dr. Meredith Rosenthal and Robert Birmingham to Center for Health Information and Analysis Oversight Council 

9/30/2020 Office of the State Auditor

Rosenthal and Birmingham were sworn in by Bump during a virtual ceremony held earlier today.