ORI Programs and Services

A list of programs offered by the Office for Refugees and Immigrants

Citizenship for New Americans Program (CNAP):
Assists legal permanent residents of the Commonwealth to become U.S. citizens.
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Program to Enhance Elder Refugee Services (PEERS):
Strengthens relationships between elder and refugee organizations to link refugees to elder services in their communities.

Refugee Health Promotion Program (RHPP):
Provides on-going individual health care access assistance to the newest refugee arrivals, preventive health information to refugee communities, and cultural information to mainstream agencies.

Refugee Case Management (RCM):
Provides access to Massachusetts Refugee Resettlement Program (MRRP) benefits and services through MRRP application intake, orientation, employability assessment, basic social services and referrals for eligible populations. Refugee Case Management is a component of Wilson/Fish in Massachusetts.Refugee Case Management is a component of Wilson-Fish (WF) program
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Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA):
Provides up to 8 months of cash assistance for income-eligible refugees without dependent children, who reside in Massachusetts.
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Refugee Employment Services (RES):
Provides targeted services for both early employment and long-term self-sufficiency through an integrated model including English and Literacy instruction; employment-related case management; employment readiness; access to vocational skill trainings; and job placement, retention and upgrade services.
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Refugee Health Assessment Program (RHAP):
In collaboration with MA Department of Public Health, ensures newly-arriving refugees receive an initial health assessment and linked to primary care.
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Refugee Medical Assistance (RMA):
Provides up to 8 months of medical coverage for refugees ineligible for the Medicaid/MassHealth program.
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Refugee School Impact Program (RSIP):
Supports local public school districts in fostering high academic and social success among refugee youth.

Social Adjustment Services (SAS):
Ensures wraparound service availability to refugees including case management, referral, translation and interpretation, and adjustment support for refugee youth.
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Unaccompanied Refugee Minors Program (URMP):
Collaboratively administered between ORI and the MA Department of Children and Families, provides residential and foster care services to refugee minors arriving in the U.S. without parents or guardians.
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