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The effective date for Standing Order 3-23, Co-Parenting Education Course for Married and Unmarried Parents, is February 12, 2024.

Information for parents to strengthen parenting skills, to effectuate positive co-parent communication, to find ways to reduce co-parent conflict, and to understand the negative impact parental conflict can have on children.

All parents in the following case types involving custody and/or parenting time of minor children, filed on or after the effective date of Standing Order 3-23, are ordered to attend the "Two Families Now" co-parenting education course unless the requirement is waived.

-Complaint for Divorce (except for complaints filed pursuant to G. L. c. 208, § 1A);
-Complaint for Separate Support;
-Complaint to Establish Paternity; and
-Complaint for Custody/Support/Parenting Time

Standing Order 3-23, effective February 12, 2024

Notice to parents: Mandatory attendance at online co-parenting education course "Two Families Now"

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