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Parole Hearings

There are three types of parole hearings: Institutional Hearings, Life Sentence Hearings, and Victim Access Hearings.

The Transitional Services Unit (TSU) schedules, monitors, and prepares all Parole Board hearings that are held at the correctional facilities, which are referred to as institutional hearings.

The Life Sentence Unit (LSU) schedules and prepares all hearings for inmates who are sentenced for life.

A handful of hearings, referred to as Victim Access Hearings (VAH) along with Life Sentence Hearings enable victims and family members the opportunity to attend the hearing, which are held at the Parole Board’s Central Office. Additionally, the Office of the General Counsel schedules executive clemency hearings, and termination request hearings (in response to a parolee's request for early termination of parole) at the Central Office.

All hearings are in-person hearings in that the Parole Board sees the inmate face-to-face. However, while institutional hearings are closed to the public, all hearings held at the Central Office (with the exception of Victim Access Hearings) are open to the public.

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