Professional Conduct Rules

Rules of the Trial Court Committee on Professional Responsibility for Clerks of the Court

Professional Conduct Rules Committee on Professional Responsibility for Clerks Rule 3: Jurisdiction of the Committee

Effective Date: 03/23/2015
Updates: Adopted effective March 23, 2015


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Rule 3

Complaints against a Clerk shall be referred to a Chief Justice for investigation and resolution. As provided in S.J.C. Rule 3:13, the Committee is authorized: 


upon appeal by a Clerk, to review discipline imposed by a Chief Justice that includes a suspension without pay of any length or a recommendation that a Clerk be removed; 


upon referral of a Chief Justice, to address a complaint against a Clerk in the first instance. Such referral by the Chief Justice shall be made in accordance with guidelines established by the Chief Justice of the Trial Court and the Court Administrator in consultation with representatives of the Clerks. Upon such referral, the Committee may receive information, conduct investigations and hearings, dismiss, informally resolve, issue formal charges, impose discipline except for removal, or otherwise dispose of complaints, and make recommendations to the Supreme Judicial Court concerning removal of a Clerk. 


upon referral from a Chief Justice, to receive information, investigate, and take appropriate action relative to any mental or physical disability of a Clerk.



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