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Accessible rowing

Our adaptive rowing program offers rowing shells, instruction, and adaptations for rowing and sculling on the Connecticut River.

Learn to row or scull with Stephanie Moore of Holyoke Rows. Enjoy exercising on the Connecticut River, or train for competition.

A woman is rowing in a shell with pontoons on it. She is wearing a thin life jacket.
Rowing shells with pontoons give more stability on the water.

You can try rowing with one oar or sculling with two oars. Double shells allow you to share a boat with an instructor, and single shells allow you to row on your own when you are ready. Experienced rowers can also join together in a team in shells with four or eight seats. Pontoons are an option to offer stability and prevent tip-overs. The FrontRower™ device allows you to row while facing forward and using your hands, your feet, or both.

Two women are sitting in a rowing shell, facing each other. The shell has pontoons near the bow. The woman facing the bow is using device with a foot pedal that she is pushing to move her oars.
You can use the FrontRower on your own or in a double shell with another rower.

Rowers must sign a release form and meet our essential eligibility criteria.

Rowing Program Dates

Rowing is offered on Thursdays, by appointment, from June–October. 

This program is free, but pre-registration is required. Contact Stephanie Moore of Holyoke Rows to register at or (413) 320-3134.

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