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Accessible sailing

Adaptive sailing takes place daily during the summer from the Esplanade in Boston. Mercury and Sonar sailboats are provided, with adaptations as needed.

Learn to sail with Community Boating, Inc. on the Esplanade at the Charles River Reservation. Specialized accessible sailboats and transfer equipment, dedicated staff assistance, and sailing instruction are all provided. Adaptive seating and a Hoyer lift are also available.

Sailors can reserve 75-minute sailing lessons or guided recreational sails that are customized to meet your needs. If you sign up for lessons, you can track your progress and get rated on the various vessels. You can also take part in group sailing classes and competitive races.

This is a UAP supported program. It takes place on a DCR property, but is run independently by Community Boating, Inc.

The program cost is $50 for the season. A need-based, reduced fee of $1 is available. 

A dozen people are sharing a sailboat. The people in the front of the boat are smiling and waving, while one person in the back controls the rudder.
Enjoy both guided group outings and solo sailing lessons with Community Boating.