Accountable Care Partnership Plan

Learn about MassHealth's Accountable Care Partnership Plan and available plans.

What is the Accountable Care Partnership Plan?

The Accountable Care Partnership Plans are groups of primary care providers (PCPs) who work with just one managed care organization to create a full network that includes PCPs, specialists, behavioral health providers, and hospitals.

The ACO primary care practices bring together a care team of providers and assign care coordinators or clinical care managers to oversee your care. You need to pick an ACO health plan that’s available in your service area, so you can stay connected with your providers.

If you choose a health plan, it is important you choose a primary care provider within the Accountable Care Partnership’s network.

If you have picked the plan, you can still switch to another health plan later for any reason during your annual 90-day Plan Selection Period However, if you are in your Fixed Enrollment Period, you can only change to a new health plan if you meet certain reasons.

Each Accountable Care Partnership Plan works with you to help you reach your health goals. For more information about each plan, please click on the plans below or go to to find a plan nearest you.


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