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APR Program Guide

Resources to help you understand the APR Program.

The following resources were developed to explain the details of the APR Program from application to stewardship.  These resources provide new and prospective APR landowners with an understanding of the program that can help guide them in their planning and decision making. The resources also provide existing APR Landowners with a reminder and update on policies and procedures within the program.



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APR Manual - A complete overview of the APR Program including the history, application process, APR stewardship, and transfer.

APR Resource Guide - A companion guide to the APR Manual with more detailed and focused resources including staff, funding, and forms.  Some elements of this guide are more dynamic and subject to change than the manual. The sections can also be read as a single document or as individual documents that are broken out below.

APR Staff

Grants and Funding Opportunities

APR Application Process

APR Stewardship

APR Transfer and Sale

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