Arrangements for Health Related Conditions at the bar exam in Massachusetts

Examinees may request arrangements for a health related conditions

Examinees who have a health-related condition may request special arrangements. Some common special arrangements include: 

  • Permission to bring medication into the examination room.  
  • Permission to bring an assistive device such as a lumbar  support, diabetic supplies, or lactation pump into the examination room.  
  • Special arrangements for lactating purposes.  
  • Permission to bring food into the examination room.  

For more information and the form to complete, see the links below.

Submitting a request

Except in extraordinary circumstances or due to a recently emergent event, requests must be received by the Board of Bar Examiners at least three (3) weeks prior to the first day of the bar examination. Please be advised that petitioners may, upon request of the Board of Bar Examiners, be required to submit medical documentation to support a request.  Complete the Assistance for a Health Related Conditions form below.

Please note that this request is not to be used in lieu of the Application for Nonstandard Testing Accommodations. Petitioners with a disability requiring nonstandard testing accommodations should submit an application for Nonstandard Testing Accommodations.

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