Board of Registration in Pharmacy members and leadership

Learn about the structure and members of the Board of Registration in Pharmacy.


Member Seat
David Sencabaugh, R.Ph. Executive Director
Monica Botto Associate Executive Director
William Frisch Jr., R.Ph. Director of Pharmacy Compliance
Michelle Chan, R.Ph. Quality Assurance Pharmacist
Heather Engman, JD, MPH Counsel to the Board
Joanne Trifone, R.Ph Director of Pharmacy Investigations
Edmund Taglieri, MSM, NHA, R.Ph Pharmacy Substance Use Disorder Program Supervisor


MEMBER                                               SEAT

Caryn Belisle, RPh, MBA President-Elect

Hospital Pharmacist

Jennifer Chin, RPh, BCGP

Long-Term Care Pharmacist

Susan Cornacchio, RN, JD

Public Member, with experience in Health Care Delivery, Administration, Consumer Advocate

Sami Ahmed, Pharm.D, R.Ph, BCPS BCSCP

Sterile Compounding

John Rocchio, PharmD, RPh

 Chain Pharmacist 2

Sebastian Hamilton, PharmD, MBA, RPh  President

Independent Pharmacist 1

Carly Jean-Francois, RN



Julie Lanza, CPhT, CSPT

Pharmacy Technician

Richard Lopez, MD

Dawn Perry, JD, MBA


Public with experience in Patient Safety and Quality


Delilah Barnes, RPh 

Rita Morelli, BSP, Pharm. D., BCACP, R.Ph. 

Katie Thornell, RPh, MBA

Independent Pharmacist 2

 Academic Seat 

Chain Pharmacist 1