Christmas Tree Farms

Read about the benefits of real Christmas trees and where you can find them.

The Commonwealth has a lot to offer for the holiday season. On this page, you can find information about getting your own Christmas tree and other winter goods.

What to know about Christmas trees

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A real Christmas tree is the environmental choice as these trees cleanse the air by breathing carbon dioxide and emitting fresh oxygen. They are renewable, recyclable, and locally grown. Christmas tree plantations beautify the landscape, prevent soil erosion, and preserve open space. They also provide homes for bird habitat, insects, and wildlife. Real Christmas Trees are grown on farms just like any other agricultural crop.

Did you know the average time to grow a seven foot Christmas tree is 7-10 years? Popular varieties of Massachusetts-grown trees include Balsam, Concolor, Fraser, Douglas and Noble Fir; along with Scotch and White Pine.

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Where to find Christmas trees and other holiday items

Take your friends or family out to a local Christmas tree farm for the best quality tree available.

Find a Massachusetts-grown Christmas tree near you

Looking for more holiday “MassGrown” ideas? How about dazzling red, white, or pink locally grown Poinsettias and other holiday plants? Visit a garden center near you.

Don’t forget, your local farmer has scrumptious and fresh produce and products to make your holiday season a special one. Find the freshest local turkeys, cranberries, hearty root vegetables, hot apple cider, and more!

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