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Coastal Pollutant Remediation (CPR) Grant Program

Find information on this Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM) grant program.

The Coastal Pollutant Remediation (CPR) Grant Program was established in 1994 by the Massachusetts Legislature to help communities identify and improve water quality impaired by nonpoint source (NPS) pollution. The goal of the CPR program—which is administered by CZM—is to provide funding to Massachusetts municipalities to assess and treat stormwater pollution from impervious surfaces and to design and construct commercial boat waste pumpout facilities. From 1996-2022, CZM awarded close to $13 million in CPR grants.

Other Available Funding - The Available Funding for Stormwater Projects in Massachusetts page provides a table with descriptions and links to information on federal and state grant and loan programs that fund stormwater and water quality projects in the state.

Summaries of past CPR projects

See the links below for PDF summaries of the projects receiving CPR grants for each fiscal year (FY) listed.

CZM Grant Viewer - This interactive map provides information on a variety of grant programs, including the CPR Grants and CZM’s Coastal Resilience Grants. Pop-up boxes provide details on each grant award and information can be sorted by grant program, category (including Construction - Living Shoreline or Stormwater Infrastructure, Design & Permitting, Habitat Restoration, and Vulnerability Assessment), and year that mapped data are available.

Contact Information

Please contact cprgrants@mass.gov for more information on the Coastal Pollutant Remediation Grant Program.

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