Coastlines 2002

Find an index for this magazine focusing on hurricanes by the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM).

Coastlines 2002 (PDF, 4 MB) - This edition of the CZM magazine focuses on hurricanes. See the table of contents below for article listings and page numbers. Printed copies are available by request at (please be sure to provide the name and date of the publication).

Table of Contents

Hurricanes - Feature Articles
  • MEMA: The Commonwealth’s Front Line for Hurricane Preparedness and Response, p. 3.
  • Kudos to the Storm Team, p. 4.
  • It’s Here…Get Prepared for Hurricane Season, p. 6.
    • Hurricane Preparedness Kit, p. 8.
    • 6 Steps to Prepare for Hurricane Season, p. 9.
    • It's All in the Name, p 10.
    • 1 through 5: The Hurricane Categories, p. 11.
  • A Centennial Review of Major Land-Falling Tropical Cyclones in Southern New England, p. 12.
  • Flood Insurance… Are You Covered?, p. 15.
  • Beach Nourishment for Storm Protection, p. 16.
  • 2000 Erosion Report: A Wake-Up Call, p. 17.
  • The Massachusetts Beaches Conference, p. 18.
  • What You Need to Know Before Rebuilding, p. 19.
    • Scientist to Study Storm-Damaged Properties, p. 19.
  • Massachusetts Shifting Shorelines: New Data on Shoreline Change, p. 20.
  • Coastal Construction Manual: A Great Tool for Protecting Homes from Storm Damage, p. 24.
  • The Art and Science of Identifying Flood Zones, p. 26.
Ebb & Flow - Additional Articles
  • Defending Massachusetts Against Biological Invaders, p. 33.
  • Web Cam Craze Hits Commonwealth Coast, p. 37.
  • What Lies Beneath… A Closer Look Behind the Pretty Pictures, p. 38.
  • Energy: A Major Coastal Zone Management Issue, p. 40.
    • Reflections: In Hull, the Energy Future Is Here, p. 42.
  • All Aboard for Poocuohhunkkunnah!, p. 43.
  • Public Access Rights Along the Commonwealth Coast, p. 44.
    • Surfing at Gloucester’s Good Harbor Beach, p. 46.
  • Surf’s Up in New England, p. 47
  • Rowley: Historic Hideaway on the North Shore, p. 48.
  • U-Boats: Naval Folklore 700 Feet Under the Sea, p. 50.
  • Ask Joe, p. 51.
  • Not Just for Kids: The Answer Is Blowing in the Wind, p. 52.