Coastlines Newsletters for 1980

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Below are the tables of contents for these issues of Coastlines. For these newsletter editions, printed copies are available on request. If you are interested in receiving a specific issue, send your request to (please be sure to state the name and complete date of the publication).

March 1980

  • CZM Making "Outstanding Progress," p. 1.
  • Salem Waterfront on the Comeback, p. 1.
  • House Subcommittee Holds Boston Hearing on CZMA, p. 1.
  • Building on a Barrier Beach Can Be Costly, p. 2.
  • Ed Reilly Testifies on CZM Reauthorization, p. 2.
  • Ellisville Harbor Becomes 4th ACEC, p. 4.
  • CEIP Opens 2nd Grant Round, p. 4.
  • Earthday/Year of the Coast Festival April 19 at UMASS Boston Harbor Campus, p. 4.

June 1980

  • Lease Sale 52 Now Open for Comments, p. 1.
  • State Officials, Fishermen Visit North Sea Oil Operations, p. 1.
  • Two Secondary Waiver Applications for Water Treatment Found Inconsistent with CZM Policies, p. 1.
  • CZM Awards $300,000 to Coastal Communities, p. 2.
  • Delaney Appointed CZM Director, p. 3.
  • The Next Step in Lease 42—Federal Consistency, p. 4.
  • Task Force Investigating Dredge Disposal Sites, p. 4.


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