Coastlines Newsletters for 1987

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Below are the tables of contents for these issues of Coastlines. For these newsletter editions, printed copies are available on request. If you are interested in receiving a specific issue, send your request to (please be sure to state the name and complete date of the publication).

January 1987

  • DEQE Drafts New Waterways Regulations, p. 1.
  • Martha's Vineyard and Island Management, p. 2.
  • Update: Offshore Oil and Gas, p. 3.
  • Second Chance for CARMA, p. 3.
  • CFIP: The Final Round?, p. 4.
  • Naturewatch: Why Do Whales Strand?, p. 5.

February/March 1987

  • Weathering Winter Storms, p. 1.
  • Cartoon on Coastal Hazards, p. 2.
  • Low Salt Diet for Cape Roads, p. 3.
  • Guidelines for Harbor Planning, p. 4.
  • Take Note: New MEPA Regulations, p. 5.
  • Background on TBT, p. 5.
  • Coastal Update on Exhibits, Courses, Publications, Videos, and Seminars, p. 6.

June 1987

  • Pleasant Bay/Weir River Named ACEC, p. 1.
  • The Coastal Assessment and Resource Management Act (CARMA) Goes to State Ways and Means Committee, p. 3.
  • The Coastal Resources Advisory Board (CRAB) Appointed, p. 4.
  • Coastal Facilities Improvement Program Runs Out of Money, p. 5.
  • CFIP Grants—Third Round Approvals Announced, p. 5.
  • Harbor Update, p. 6.
  • U.S. Department of Interior Proposes Changes to Coastal Barrier System in Massachusetts, p. 7.
  • Division of Marine Fisheries Announces Hearings on Recreational Fishing Petitions, p. 7.
  • CZM Opens South Shore Office, p. 8.

August 1987

  • The U.S. Supreme Court, the Fifth Amendment and Government Regulation—Two Rulings on Land Control Issues, p. 1.
  • Governor Signs 1988 Budget, p. 4.
  • Massachusetts Senators Cosponsor Bill to Clarify Consistency Wording, p. 5.
  • Update on Proposed Oil and Gas Activities in the Georges Bank Region, p. 5.
  • Secondary Treatment Waivers Rejected for Two North Shore Facilities, p. 6.
  • Audubon Institutes Marine Turtle Watch, p. 7.
  • Plastic Pollution Receiving Increased National Attention, p. 8.

September 1987

  • CZM Hosts Coastal Forum at the State House, Part of Coastweeks '87, p. 1.
  • Director's Message, Richard Delaney, p. 2.
  • Dredging Handbook and Workshops, p. 2.
  • Massachusetts Coastal Legislation Update, p. 3.
  • Judge Orders Plymouth House Moved Back from Shoreline, p. 7.

October 1987

  • 65 Acres of Massachusetts Lost Each Year to Sea Level Rise Says New CZM Report, p. 1.
  • National CZM Programs Under Attack—Director's Message, p. 2.
  • Regional Planning Agency Proposed for Cape Cod, p. 3.
  • CZM Harbor Planning Program: Local Review of Guidelines, p. 4.
  • House Committee Approves Studds' Marine Pollution Bills, p. 5.
  • CZM Wall Map Available, p. 5.
  • Environmental Penalties Now in Effect, p. 6.
  • Breakdown of Past and New Penalties for Violation of Various Environmental Laws, p. 7.
  • Hurricanes and Northeasters, p. 8.

November 1987

  • Update on the Massachusetts Ocean Sanctuaries Act, p. 1.
  • Director's Message, p. 2.
  • Public Access Guide Available from the Massachusetts Public Access Board, p. 5.
  • CZM/DEQE Wetlands Enforcement Program Marks One Year Anniversary, p. 6.
  • Massachusetts Enters into Federal Nonpoint Source Control Program, p. 7.
  • CZM Supports Towns in Local Wetlands Court Cases, p. 7.

December 1987

  • Symposium Looks at Consequences of TBT Use, p. 1.
  • Types of TBT Paints, p. 2.
  • Alternatives to TBT Paints, p. 3.
  • Mission Statement of the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs and its Departments, p. 4.
  • U.S. Senate Committee Approves Plastics Bill, p. 5.
  • Coastweeks 1987 Beach Cleanup Results, p. 5.
  • House, Senate Agree on Open Space Bill, p. 6.
  • Sea Education Association Offers Teacher Program, p. 6.
  • Open Space Capital Outlays—A Breakdown, p. 6.
  • State Acquires Swift Estate for Proposed Waquoit Bay NERR, p. 7.
  • Barnstable Adopts New Wetlands Bylaw, p. 7.
  • Christmas Trees Aid Winter Dunes, p. 8.


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