Coastlines Newsletters for 1998

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Winter 1998

  • Status Report on State House Action on Coastal Bills, p. 1.
  • CZM Federal Budget News, p. 1.
  • Happy 20th Birthday CZM!, p. 1.
  • $600,000 in CPR Grants Released, p. 2.
  • Oil Spill Training in Buzzards Bay, p. 2.
  • 1998 - Year of the Ocean, p. 2.
  • 20 Years of Coastal Zone Management in Massachusetts, insert.
  • $235,000 for South Boston Drydock Renovation, p. 3.
  • CZM Funds Watershed Signs, p. 3.
  • Gulf of Maine Council Gives Awards and Grants, p. 3.
  • CZM's Coastal Nonpoint Pollution Control Plan Gets Federal Approval, p. 4.
  • Jan Smith Named Mass Bays Director, p. 4.
  • Feds Are Updating Federal Consistency Review Regulations, p. 4.
  • Legal Seafoods Pursues New Fish Processing Headquarters, p. 4.
  • New Right Whale Protection Information Available, p. 4.
  • New from Sea Grant: Boater and Marine Guides, p. 4.
  • Thanks to Ross Pope, p. 4.


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