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Coastlines Winter 2004-2005

Find an index for this magazine focusing on coastal and marine habitats by the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM).

Coastlines 2004-2005 (PDF, 32 MB) - This edition of the CZM magazine focuses on coastal and marine habitats. See the table of contents below for article listings and page numbers. Printed copies are available by request at czm@mass.gov (please be sure to provide the name and complete date of the publication).

Table of Contents

Marine & Coastal Habitats of the Commonwealth - Feature Articles
  • Letter from Secretary Herzfelder on Managing Ocean Resources, p. i.
  • From Dune to Shining Sea: The Coastal and Marine Habitats of Massachusetts, p. 3.
    • Quidquid Latine Dictum Sit, Altum Viditur, p. 4.
    • a, B, c,d..."B" Is for Bird, p. 5.
    • The Habitat Connection, p. 6.
    • Beach Profiles: Who's Who on the Beach and Beyond, p. 9.
    • Scale: Habitat Is in the Eye of the Inhabitant, p. 13.
    • Moving on Up (and Down): Habitats of the Lobster Lifecycle, p. 14.
    • CZM's Marine Habitat Fellowship, p. 17.
  • Spotlight on Eelgrass: A Species and Habitat at Risk, p. 18.
    • Eelgrass: Its Habits and Habitats, p. 23.
  • Tide Pools—Depths Observable from Dry Land, p. 24.
  • Deep-Sea Corals: Ancient Forests in the Depths, p. 26.
    • Seamounts, the Habitat of Deep Sea Corals, p. 27.
  • CZ-Science: Mapping the Geology of the Seafloor, p. 28.
  • Urban Marine Habitats—Spotlight on Gloucester Harbor, p. 30.
  • The Life History and Habitat Requirements of Atlantic Cod: The Story Behind a Plate of Fish & Chips, p. 34.
    • Essential Fish Habitat and Fishery Management, p. 37.
  • Habitat Found: What’s Good for the Gull’s NOT Good for the Plover, p. 39.
  • Precious Cargo: Shipwrecks as Habitat, p. 42.
Ebb & Flow - Additional Articles
  • Focus on Coastal Towns: That’s Quin-zee to You…, p. 46.
    • Kilroy Was Everywhere, p. 47.
  • Joint Ventures and Adventures in Coastal Wetlands Restoration, p. 48.
    • It's a Beautiful Mid-September Afternoon, p. 49.
  • The Economic and Environmental Challenges of Marinas in Massachusetts, p. 51.
  • Buzzards Bay: Before and Beyond Bouchard, p. 53.
  • There Goes the Neighborhood: The 2003 Northeast Invasive Species Survey, p. 56.
  • Massachusetts Most Wanted, p. 59.
  • GoMOOS: A Virtual Link to the Gulf of Maine, p. 60.
  • Ask Joe: All About Habitat, p. 61.
  • Not Just for Kids: Gyotoku, p. 62.