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Conciliation DMS tips

Make sure your submissions will be accepted at conciliation by keeping these points in mind.

What you need to give to the conciliator

Only NEW documents must be given to the conciliator with a coversheet. Any documents filed with the claim or complaint do not need to be submitted again.

Cover sheets

You need 1 cover sheet for ALL new material being submitted at conciliation. Document type is "DR-Conciliation Submissions".

Cover sheets submitted to the department must be ORIGINALS so the bar code can be read. Photocopies or faxed bar codes won't scan correctly.

You don't need a separate bar code sheet for a cover letter if the cover letter is attached to a document.

For Form 117 - Lump Sum Agreement for Injuries on or After November 1, 1986 - you only need to submit one cover sheet for the agreement and the 3 attachments (Forms 116A, 116B, 116C). Document type is "DIA 117 LS Agreement".

Submitting documents after the conciliation

If the conciliator is holding a case, you can submit the additional documents by:

  1. Send the documents electronically as email attachments and you won't need to prepare a cover sheet. This is the preferred method.
  2. Send the documents through 1st-class mail and you must prepare a cover sheet.

If the case has already been forwarded for a conference date, you need to send the new material to the judge assigned to the case. You may submit them via email (without a cover sheet) or 1st class mail (with a cover sheet).

Making sure all documents have been scanned properly

By the time you receive a conciliation notice, you should be able to access the DIA board file using your electronic account.

It is YOUR responsibility to verify that all of your documents have been properly scanned!